Math and Movement- Fluency for K-2

Through fun and engaging creative movement activities with Teaching Artist Deb Lombard, students will explore the dance element shapes and levels. Students will then solve and demonstrate [...]

Language Arts and Movement

A choreographer’s job in a musical is to continue the story through movement( bring the text to life). In this workshop, led by teaching-artist Deb Lombard, students explore the dance [...]

Math and Movement- Exploring 3D shapes for K-2

This workshop, led by dance teaching artist, Deb Lombard, begins with students exploring the dance element shapes and levels through engaging and fun creative movement activities. Students will [...]

Math and Movement- Fraction Action (2nd-5th grade)

With Teaching Artist Deb Lombard, students begin the workshop will activities that explore the dance element size, shapes and levels. Using concepts learned in these movement activities, students [...]

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Deb Lombard, Teaching Artist, BS

After earning her Bachelors of Science in Dance Education from the State University of New York, Deb began teaching dance and movement for actors at Syracuse University’s College of Visual [...]