Stories from Japan- In-school performance

Enjoy folklore told through Kagura, Japan’s oldest mask dance theatre that has been performed at Shinto shrines for centuries. Meet Lucky Gods and Goddess who bring joy and happiness to people. [...]

Dancing Ancient Indian Civilization

Travel back to ancient Indian civilization with an approximately 4,500 year old statuette, Dancing Girl, as a guide. How was life in one of the world’s earliest settlements? What do the people in [...]

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Asian Dance & Theatre by Surapsari

Surapsari has been internationally performing traditional dance, drama, and shadow puppetry from India, Bali, and Japan, catering to a wide range of audiences including preK-12 students. She has [...]

Stories from India – In-school Performance

Welcome to Incredible India!  Your students will enjoy magical tales presented through Bharatanatyam, the lively Indian storytelling dance that has been existing for approximately 2000 years. Try [...]

Shadow Puppet Theatre (K-2)

In Lesson 1, your students will enjoy a Balinese style shadow puppet play based on a beloved Indonesian folk tale, The Adventure of the Mouse-deer. Following the presentation, the students will [...]

Stories from Bali – In School Performance

Welcome to the world of Balinese mask dance theatre! Meet a variety of masked characters who dance in individually stylized manners with some improvisation. These masked characters embody [...]

Shadow Puppet Theatre (3-5)

This 2-6 session residency guides your 3rd – 5th grade students step-by-step through shadow puppet theater creation. In Lesson 1, the students will enjoy a Balinese shadow puppet play based [...]