WRITE A PLAY 3 Show Subscription Package

Florida Studio Theatre invites students in grades K-5 to participate in the 3 Show Subscription Package. Click here to request more information 2017-18 School Year Offerings ROBIN HOOD  by Greg [...]

WRITE A PLAY Playwriting Workshops

Want your students expand their expressive vocab and delve deeper into creating writing. Then have FST teaching artists come to your class and teach your students how to write a play. As a bonus [...]

Self-Guided Tour of Selby Gardens

Come enjoy Selby Gardens’ tropical oasis at your own pace! All subjects can be taught in a garden! Self-guided school groups can enjoy and investigate the Gardens while supporting unique [...]

True Life Dolphin Mysteries

Students will get hands-on experience in classifying and articulating dolphin bones as they work together in small groups. Students will see what life is really like for a Sarasota Bay dolphin.

Wildlife Explorer

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go on a wildlife exploration? Come take a trek with us through wild jungles and meet interesting animals along the way. Learn how some animals use [...]

Reptile Rangers

I’m sure you’ve heard…Reptiles are slimy! Reptiles are ugly! Reptiles are gross! NOT TRUE! Come learn the real things about reptiles at Sarasota Jungle Gardens. We will teach [...]

Science Lending Library

The Suncoast Science Center’s Science Lending Library allows teachers to borrow hands-on science equipment at no cost for student exploration in the classroom. Please visit the Science [...]


In this 40 minute activity for kindergarten and 1st grade, we explore how people and lemurs are both mammals and vertebrates and learn about the features that make us similar and different.

My Feelings and Me: Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Want to help your students to connect their writing and feelings? FST's Emotional Intelligence workshops are designed to help your students tap into their own feelings and translate that to their [...]

Literacy Live: Reader’s Theatre for Early Readers

FST's Reader's Theatre provides a high energy interactive experience that will help your students reinforce key concepts and skills needed to build comprehension and fluency!

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