Lorenzo and his Teeterboard

The arts integrated activity is a STEAM design challenge.  Learners will design and build a teeterboard for Lorenzo so he can perform his act and the show may go on!

The Science of the Tightwire!

Wire walkers depend on the human body to make important changes in balance through the nerves in the feet, vision and the inner ear. To help insure stability, wire walkers carry a 30-75 pound [...]

Make and Take Juggling Balls

This arts integrated lesson is a STEAM challenge. Learners will follow a sequenced recipe to make their own juggling balls and then learn how to manipulate the balls in a juggling pattern.

I Want to Go to the Circus!

Learners will analyze prices of items for sale and make a decision on how much money they will spend and on what.

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The Language of the Circus: Circus Lingo

This arts integrated lesson is a STEAM challenge. Learners will work as a team to deconstruct words and create new phrases. Students will use theater arts and language as tools to explore the [...]

Red’s Reading Revolution

I’m an author/illustrator and 20-year teaching veteran who provides 1-day explorations, that combine an engaging author visit with my main focus, introducing students to the concept of visual [...]

The Circus of Language: The Circus Poster

Students create a circus poster using expressive nouns and adjectives.

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Symphony in the Schools

The Venice Symphony’s, Symphony in the Schools, offers Sarasota County 3rd graders the opportunity to see and hear all of the symphonic instruments.  Demonstration teams bring musical [...]

Musical Tours and Petting Zoos

MUSICAL PETTING ZOO – (K-2nd) MUSICAL TOURS – (3rd-5th) How many children can say they have strummed a guitar and plucked a ukulele at least once? How many kids could tell how they [...]

The BIG Problem with Microplastics

Students will engage in citizen science and contribute to the Florida Microplastics Awareness database (www.plasticaware.org).   This is a hands-on, inquiry-led science investigation where [...]