EdExploreSRQ Interactive Career Exploration Series 16: So You Want to Explore How a Technical College Can Open the Doors to Careers in the Field of Veterinary Medicine?

 “IF YOU LOVE ANIMALS, THEN CONSIDER THE WORLD OF VETERINARY MEDICINE!”   While observing both human and animal behavior…discover how a variety of trained staff uses clues, [...]

EdExploreSRQ Interactive Career Exploration Series 15: So You Want to Explore Careers that use Futuristic Technology to Transform YOUR Innovative Visions into Reality?!

 “INNOVATION DISTINGUISHES BETWEEN A LEADER AND A FOLLOWER!”  ~ Steve Jobs   Have you ever had an idea about a product that you thought might make you a tremendous amount of [...]

Animal Safari

Take a scholarly safari at The Ringling Museum!  During this docent-led tour, students will search for amazing animals in works of art.  Regal lions, prancing horses, devoted dogs, and curious [...]

Circus Physical Education!

Circus is an exciting and fun way to learn movement competency while showing responsible behaviors while using unusual equipment. There are many first steps in learning the art of circus [...]

Find Yourself at Selby Library

Come “Find Yourself” at Selby Library library! Choose from one of the following locations throughout Sarasota County. Depending your students’ needs, explorations may include: Library Tours [...]

Interactive Career Exploration Series 13: So You Want to Explore Careers that Combine a Love of the Outdoors with How to Build a Business?”

                “Entrepreneurs are seen as economic agents, decision-makers, risk-takers, innovators,                                               and agents of economic change!” [...]

Interactive Career Exploration Series 12: So You Want to Explore Careers with a Legendary Boat Builder?

 “Legends Aren’t Born…They’re Built!” Learn How to Build a Legendary Boat!” Learn how Chris-Craft has perfected the art of  boat building! Extreme (reaching [...]

Home on Earth: 5th Grade STEM Program

Newtown Alive Tour & Performance

Embracing Our Differences is proud to partner with Newtown Alive and Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe to celebrate the history and cultural heritage of Newtown, one of Sarasota’s oldest [...]

The Orchid Show: Earth, Air, Fire, Water

  Stories of orchid discovery past and present will be featured in Selby Gardens’ Museum of Botany & the Arts. The exhibition will examine the various environments in which orchids grow [...]