In-School Exploration

Provider: Math & Movement

Contact: Suzy Koontz

Starting cost per student: $8

Additional Info: Math & Movement offers kinesthetic, multi-sensory full-day explorations (for up to 400 students). There are no meeting fees for teachers nor are there any traveling expenses if the enrichment program is offered on site at Sarasota County Schools. The full-day Math & Movement Active Math program includes unlimited copies of e-books and 2 hard copies of each of Suzy Koontz’s books at no additional cost. Books include: Math and Movement Training Manual, Multiply with Me, Learning to Multiply Can Be Fun, Instructor Guide and Student Workbook, Buddies, A Math Adventure, Freddy Fibonacci’s Awful Allowance, Honey, A Math Adventure and Math and Movement for K-5 Physical Education. The pricing is $3,000 per full-day exploration (for up to 400 students). All of our books and their descriptions can be found using the following link:

Max. Capacity: 400

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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The Math & Movement Active Math program is a mathematics-focused enrichment program that
enables students to explore the math concepts represented in our visually pleasing floor mats as they hop,
skip, or jump to determine the answer to their math problems. These represented math concepts range
from addition to place value, multiplication to fractions, and telling time to counting money. Students’
learning is enriched when they practice basic skills using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning

In the full-day exploratory enrichment program, we begin with an energy-boosting morning
assembly for students and teachers. We briefly share the benefits of including physical activity throughout
the school day and why the Math & Movement “math-movements” increase learning, concentration, and
brain power. We lead the assembly in some specific brain-boosting math-movements such as the Elephant
March or the Nines Twist. After students have gained a general understanding, we invite individual
students to come onstage and share their interests. For example, the student may share that they enjoy
soccer or cheerleading. We then develop together a math-movement and then we lead the entire assembly
in this newly-developed math-movement related to their interest.

After the assembly, smaller groups of students engage in exploratory learning with the Math &
Movement floor mats in another location such as the gymnasium. The floor mats are durable and last up
to ten years with regular use. Students begin with a warm-up activity by jumping on the floor mats around
the perimeter of the gym. Then students are divided into small groups in order to explore topics such as
addition, multiplication, telling time, place value, fractions, etc. Activities included in the exploratory
enrichment program are aligned with specific goals in the mathematics portion of the Florida State
Learning Standards.


MAFS.5.MD.5, MAFS.5.NF.4, MAFS.5.NBT.5, MAFS.3.OA.1, MAFS.4.NF.3.6, MAFS.5.NBT.2.7, MAFS.K.CC.3.7, MAFS.4.NF.3.6, MAFS.3.OA.1.1, MAFS.3.OA.3.7, MAFS.3.NBT.1.3, MAFS.1.OA.3, MAFS.2.OA.2, MAFS.1.NBT.3.4, MAFS.2.OA.3.3,

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