Off-Campus Field Trip

Provider: Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary

Contact: Kay Rosaire


Starting cost per student: $7

Additional Info: $15.00 per adult/$7.00 per student

Max. Capacity: 100

Transportation Needed?  Yes

Who Arranges Transportation? School

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  Yes


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Sarasota Students Can Learn About Animals, Up Close and Personal

With an emphasis on conservation, students safely come face to face with various classifications of animals (mammals, birds, reptiles; vertebrates and invertebrates; and those having births and those laying eggs) in a fun interactive tour. Students learn about the various habitats our animal ambassadors hail from and the adaptive qualities these animals have developed to survive there. A bonus trip to the petting zoo is included!


LA.3.16.1; LA.; SC.3.E.5.2; SC.3.E.6.1; SC.3.L.15.1; SC.3.L.17.1; SS.G.3.1.2; SS.3.G.1.3; LA.; LA.; LA.; SC.4.E.6.3; SC.4.16.2; SC.4.L.16.3; SC.4.L.17.2; SC.4.L.17.4; SS.4.G.1.1; SS.4.G.1.4; LA.; SC.5.L.14.2; SC.5.L.15.1; SC.5.L.17.1; SS.5.G.4.1.

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