In-School Exploration

Provider: Asolo Rep

Contact: Tim O'Donnell
941.351.9010 x3307

Starting cost per student: $7

Additional Info: $200 per class; additional workshops $150 each

Max. Capacity: 30

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  Yes


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A behind-the-scenes costume workshop highlights connections between multiple disciplines, particularly language and visual arts. Explore character analysis through clothing with a video tour of Asolo Rep’s costume shop, classroom projects, and a conference with a member of our professional costume staff.

Asolo Rep’s Character Through Costume Exploration has three components, and we recommend planning for a minimum of three class periods. These may all fit into a single week, or may spread out over a longer period, depending on your class schedule, needs, and the depth in which you choose to explore this project.

  • Session #1: Watch video interview and costume shop tour
  • Session #2: Costume design activity – this project may expand into further research and/or homework
  • Session #3: Video or live conference with a member of Asolo Repertory Theatre’s costume staff


Goals: Students will…

  • Apply critical thinking and analysis of literature.
  • Explore a career connected to Language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts, and Theatre Arts.
  • Explore the role of the Costume Designer as part of a creative collaboration.

Materials Provided by Asolo Rep:

    • Video
    • Basic kit of art supplies for sketching and collage
    • Costume planning “notebook” pages to guide student work

    Materials Provided by School and/or Students:

    • Blank sketch paper for each student
    • Pencil with eraser for each student
    • Optional: collage materials (via hard copy or web)
      • glue, poster, magazine or photos clippings
      • access to personal Pinterest or Tumblr accounts, or other online resources
    • Video conference equipment (Safari Live or other)

    Pre-workshop Preparation

    This activity requires students to have understanding of a character within a story arc to use as the basis for their design explorations. Students should have read an entire work of fiction or drama; this activity is less suited to use in conjunction with a work that the students have not yet finished reading.

    If you are using non-fiction as your source, students should be aware of general biographical information about their characters as well as at least one specific event or occasion to use as the “scene” which will be costumed.

    Please discuss with Asolo Rep Education staff for further assistance or recommendations.

Photo info:

Alysha DeVries, Asolo Repertory Theatre Costume Shop Manager David Covach, and Teresa Consolvo. Photo by David Matheson. Photo courtesy Asolo Rep.


SS.8.FL.1.1, VA.68.H.3.2, VA.68.H.3.3, VA.68.F.2.1, VA.68.S.1.3, LAFS.7.RL.1.3, TH.68.O.1.2, LAFS.1112.RI.1.3, LAFS.1112.W.3.9, SS.912.H.1.1, SS.912.H.2.5, VA.912.S.1.3, VA.912.H.2.3, TH.912.F.2.2, TH.912.F.1.1

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