In-School Exploration,  In-School Performance,  Teaching Artist Residency

Provider: Surapsari- Artists in Schools/Arts and Cultural Alliance

Contact: Surapsari ("Sari")

Starting cost per student: $1.5

Additional Info: Performance: 1 show - $500, 2 shows back to back - $750, 3 shows on the same day - $900. Pre and post performance lessons are available for $85 per session (minimum 2 sessions per day). Residency: $350 for 1 class, $600 for 2 classes, $800 for 3 classes, $950 for 4 classes. All the fees include a pre-residency meeting with a classroom teacher and Study Guide. Maximum 25 students per class.

Max. Capacity:

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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Travel back to ancient Indian civilization with an approximately 4,500 year old statuette, Dancing Girl, as a guide. How was life in one of the world’s earliest settlements? What do the people in ancient and modern India have in common? Answers are revealed as students try simple mudra (hand gestures) and movement from Bharatanatyam, India’s oldest dance form.

Your 6th grade students will see the photos of key artifacts from the ruins of the civilization and learn Bharatanatyam dance mudras that express motifs depicted on the artifacts. This kinetic experience will reinforce their learning. They will also be introduced to major Hindu deities through Bharatanatyam mudras and poses. Other topics such as the trade between Indus Valley and Mesopotamian civilizations will be explored as well. This multimedia program can be offered to the entire 6th grade student body as an assembly show or 2-session residency in the classroom setting.

“You have brought our class a bit closer to India, its culture, history and the heart of the people through your gifts of dance, drama, and story telling. Thank you! This experience will live within and nourish us for a long time.”  Yolanda Benoit, Sarasota Waldorf School

Teaching Artist, Surapsari, has been internationally performing traditional dance and drama from India, Japan, and the Indonesian island of Bali, catering to a wide range of audiences including K-12 students. She has been featured in a variety of media including Herald Tribune, PBS, and ABC7. Visit to learn more about Surapsari’s K-12 educational programs or read a Herald Tribune article on Surapsari at;


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