Off-Campus Performance

Provider: Sarasota Opera

Contact: Ben Jewell-Plocher

Starting cost per student: $0

Additional Info: Schools must provide their own transportation

Max. Capacity:

Transportation Needed?  Yes

Who Arranges Transportation? School

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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Through select orchestra dress rehearsals, Sarasota Opera invites students and educators to experience the magic of live opera and interact with performers during intermissions.

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2017-2018 Opportunities

La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi

Tuesday, Oct. 31 from 6:00-9:00 PM
Sung in Italian with English supertitles

Synopsis   Violetta, a famed Parisian courtesan, has lived a life of lavish parties with in influential friends. She abandons it all to be with her beloved Alfredo, but when her past threatens his family’s honor, she must forsake her dream of love. Verdi’s awe-inspiring music combined with a heart-breaking libretto has made La traviata one of the most performed operas around the world.

Listen and Explore   “Un di felice, eterea” (One day, happy and ethereal) from Act I

Carmen by Georges Bizet

Thursday, Feb. 15 from 12:00-3:30 PM
Sung in French with English supertitles

Synopsis   All-consuming, ill-fated passion rules the tumultuous love of a gypsy and a corporal. Carmen will take you on a journey through Seville, to the mountains with the smugglers, and finally to the bullring, where Carmen and Don José’s story comes to its tragic end. Hear some of the most recognizable music in opera, like the “Habanera” and the “Seguidilla,” and feel the excitement of the famous “Toreador Song.”

Listen and Explore   Habanera: “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle” (Love is a rebellious bird) from Act I

Norma by Vincenzo Bellini

Thursday, March 1 from 12:00-3:00 PM
Sung in Italian with English superititles

Synopsis   In Roman-occupied Gaul, a Druid priestess and a Roman official— Norma and Pollione—have fallen in love. Defying her sacred vows, Norma has borne two children, but Pollione’s sights are now set on Adalgisa, a temple virgin. The scorned Norma contemplates murder, but as her heart battles between love and duty, she chooses to be cleansed by the flames of a sacrificial pyre.

Listen and Explore   “Casta Diva” (Pure Goddess) from Act I

Tiefland by Eugen d’Albert

Thursday, March 8 from 12:00-3:00 PM
Sung in German with English supertitles

Synopsis   Marta is the unwilling mistress of a wealthy landowner, Sebastiano. To keep the poor girl near him while he takes a wealthy wife, Sebastiano marries Marta off to the shepherd, Pedro. Unaware of her past, Pedro falls in love with her. When Marta’s awful secret comes to light, Pedro does whatever it takes to free his beloved from her misery. This passionate example of early 20th century verismo opera is seen regularly in Germany and Austria, but there has been only one other U.S. production in a century.

Listen and Explore   “Ich weiss nicht wer mein Vater war” (I do not know who my father was) from Act II Scene 3

Additional Details

Cost of Tickets:

Chaperone Guidelines:
Schools: 1 adult for every 10 students.
Homeschoolers: 1 adult for every 4 students

Grade Levels:
All operas during the 2017-18 season are appropriate for grades six and up

Real-Time Translations:
Real-time English translations are displayed above the stage, providing immediate understanding of what is happening, helping you to experience the excitement of the performance no matter what the language.

To Reserve Seats

Fill out our online registration form by clicking here

Transportation Cost:
Transportation must be arranged and paid for by the school.
Need transportation funding? Check out the Community Foundation of Sarasota County’s Exploration Grants.


Contact Ben Jewell-Plocher, Director of Education
941-328-1307 |


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