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Provider: La Musica Festival

Contact: Karen Johns

Phone: 941-228-1100

Starting cost per student: $0

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Max. Capacity:

Transportation Needed?  No

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Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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 Welcome to La Musica’s exciting 2016 Youth Education Project, created for ease of use without lesson planning on your part!  

Enjoy a different approach to providing great music for you and your students.  Instead of bringing students to a performance, we bring the musicians and their performances directly to your classroom – and even better yet – at no cost to you and whenever it is convenient for you.

This year’s festival was titled 30 and Counting … A Look Ahead, and is unique because the composer of the premiere piece is a local composer, Jerry Bilik.  His piece is called  Quintet for Piano and Strings, Opus 30, commemorating the thirty years of La Musica di Asolo.  The Youth Project learning materials are also unique in that they were created by a local music teacher for use in grade 4 through grade 12 classrooms.

Included in this year’s learning materials are the following.

*DVD (obtain by contacting while supplies last) including:

– Introduction

– Ap. 11th La Musica concert at Booker High School in Sarasota, FL

– Interviews with five internationally known musicians as well as the composer

– Ap. 10th World Premiere of Bilik’s Quintet at the Opera House

Also available here on EdExploreSRQ is a downloadable PDF including Musician and Composer Bio Guides.  The entries also include Lesson Extensions with links to recordings & articles and writing prompts.

In addition to the learning materials that you can download here, you can email to ask for the rest of the materials, including an  Integrated Music History Timeline, from 450 A.D. to the present as well as the Student Study Guide, written directly to and for the student, using FL ELA Standards and NGSSS for MU, SS, SC, & VA, including multiple resources for interdisciplinary learning through differentiated instruction.  You will not have to plan these lessons; they are done for you Tier 1 to 4.  The entries move gradually from least to most challenging.  All can be used with grades 6-12, and the first half could also be used with upper elementary students. The Print Shop can make copies for your students to take home as homework, or you can show them on the ActivBoard for group work. Some entries could be left for a sub.

The entries are not identified by grade because of the varying pre-knowledge and ability levels in classrooms.  No one student is expected to complete all of them.  You know your students best!

Attention was given in the preparation to the linking of subject areas and insertion of opportunities for the following.

  • Literacy – Text Complexity
  • Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
  • Academic Vocabulary
  • Active Listening and Writing
  • Depth of Knowledge
  • Use of Technology and Career Exploration
  • Real-World Problem Solving
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Rigor and Connection Building
  • Choices and Ownership

You are also invited to bring your students to next spring’s La Musica rehearsals (no admission charge but let us know you are coming), and a block of tickets will be offered free of charge for several performances.  Sarasota County Teachers – watch for a reminder email from Angela about this in the spring.  Don’t miss experiencing these wonderful opportunities!


This project is funded by a grant from The Woman’s Exchange, Sarasota, Florida.

For more information about La Musica, see this site.


LAFS.68.RH.1.1, LAFS.910.RH.1.1, LAFS.1112.RH.1.1, LAFS.5.W.3.9, MU.68.C.1, MU.912.C.1, MU.68.C.2, MU.912.C.2, MU.68.C.3, MU.912.C.3, MU.68.H.1, MU.912.H.1, MU.68.H.2, MU.912.H.2, MU.68.H.3, MU.912.H.3, MU.68.F.1, MU.912.F.1, MU.68.F.2, MU.912.F.2, MU.68.F.3, MU.912.F.3, MU.68.O.1, MU.912.O.1, MU.68.O.2, MU.912.O.2, MU.68.O.3, MU.912.O.3, MU.68.S.1, MU.912.S.1, SC.4.P.10.3, SC.912.N.2.5, SS.6.W.1, SS.7.G.1, SS.8.A.1, SS.912.A.1, SS.912.H.1, SS.912.H.2, SS.912.W.1, VA.68.H.1, VA.912.H.1, VA.68.H.3, VA.912.H.3

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