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Provider: Lemur Conservation Foundation

Contact: Devin Edmonds

Phone: 941-322-8494

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Max. Capacity: 40

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What kind of animal is a lemur? How do biologists group animals together? What is a species? Why classify all the different life on earth?

In this 1 hour long activity provided by the Lemur Conservation Foundation for 4-5th graders, we explore the way life on earth is classified by biologists. We learn about the different ways plants and animals can be grouped together and why some species that look the same are not closely related. Using a junk drawer and our shoes, we practice being taxonomists and classify our different objects.

Developed to accompany the Ako children’s book series, we offer free environmental education lesson plans to K-5 teachers. Each of the six Ako books feature a different type of lemur, from Bitika the baby mouse lemur to No-Song the Indri to Bounce the White Sifaka. Don’t have the Ako books yet? Please contact us for a free set of six books to use in your classroom.

Only found on the island of Madagascar, there are more than 100 different kinds of lemur. They are the most endangered group of mammals with many very near extinction. Through these books and curriculum, we aim to spread awareness of not only lemurs and their importance, but also connect children to nature through activities that highlight the relationship between people and our environment.

Use the Teacher’s Resource Guide to learn more about lemurs and gain background information before carrying-out the lesson.

Click Lemurs Have Class! 4-5th Grade Lesson Plan to view the lesson.

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