Off-Campus Field Trip

Provider: UF/IFAS Extension

Contact: Kevin O'Horan

Starting cost per student: $0

Additional Info: This explration is done in combination with Patriot Plaza's Exploration entitled "Stories of Patriotism and Inspiration". Transportation will be provided via charter bus.

Max. Capacity: 75

Transportation Needed?  Yes

Who Arranges Transportation? Other (see description)

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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The LIFE Program is an environmental education program made from the collaboration between the Florida Park Service and the University of Florida IFAS Extension of Sarasota County. The program aims to bring 4th and 7th grade students to public conservation lands and use hands-on field labs to strengthen in-class STEM subject matter. Students participate in 3 field experiences throughout the year, as research has shown that multiple interactions cement concepts and experiences and are more likely to affect long-term change. Field experiences include labs specific to each of the major local ecosystems (coastal, freshwater, uplands) and include topics of special concern.

Link to the LIFE Program page, from the Friends of Florida State Parks:


SC.4.E.6.5, SC.4.L.16.1, SC.4.L.17.1, SC.4.L.17.3, SC.4.L.17.4, MAFS.4.MD.2, LAFS.4.W.2

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