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Provider: Around the Bend Nature Tours through Sarasota Bay Estuary PIER Program

Contact: Karen Willey

Phone: 941-794-8773

Starting cost per student: $0

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This Tech Kit developed by Around the Bend Nature Tours is available on loan from the Sarasota Bay Estuary P.I.E.R. Program for a period of up to 2 weeks. Map reading seems to be a challenge for some students, but with the proper technique and repeated practice, students can master the skill. This activity provides some hints on teaching students to read maps using a compass. Students will map a route on school campus using basic compass and digital GPS technology. Students will engage in a study of geography with identification of basic bird families. Students will use triangular geometry, degree measurement, and metric distance measurement.

Included in the Orienteering Tech Kit:

  • Teacher notebook with lesson plans, worksheet masters and instructions
  • Jump drive with videos, power points, lesson plans, masters
  • 10 GPS units and 10 compasses plus large teaching compass
  • All materials needed for the following activities
    • Know Your Pace
    • Using a Compass
    • Mapping with Compass and GPS
    • USGS Navigate Your Schoolyard

LAFS.1112.RST.1.3, SC.912.N.1.1, SC.912.N.2

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