Off-Campus Field Trip

Provider: Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Contact: Tracy Calla, Manager of School and Family Programs
941-366-5731 ext 273

Starting cost per student: $10

Additional Info:

Max. Capacity: 60

Transportation Needed?  Yes

Who Arranges Transportation? School

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  Yes


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“Flowers in the Factory” will turn Selby Gardens into a floral playground and feature original artwork by the artist Andy Warhol. Six Warhol silkscreens of flower will be on view in the Museum of Botany & the Arts. Colorful, playful living displays throughout the grounds and in the Tropical Conservatory will emphasize the repetition, modular designs and juxtaposition of Warhol’s work. This special guided tour will give students the opportunity to create their own Warhol-inspired pop-art masterpiece. (Feb 12-May 31, 2018)


VA.K.H.1, SS.K.G.1.1, SC.K.L.14.2, SC.K.L.14.3, VA.1.H.1, SS.1.G.1.6, SC.1.L.14.1, SC.1.L.14.2, VA.2.H.1, VA.3.C.1, VA.3.H.1, VA.4.C.1, VA.4.H.1, VA.5.C.1, VA.5.H.1, VA.68.C.1, VA.68.H.1, VA.912.C.1, VA.912.H.1,

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