Off-Campus Field Trip

Provider: Florida Studio Theatre

Contact: Hannah Bagnall

Starting cost per student: $15

Additional Info: $15 per student (includes all 3 shows). Subscribers save $3 per student and other discounts on WRITE A PLAY Programming.

Max. Capacity:

Transportation Needed?  Yes

Who Arranges Transportation? Teacher

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  Yes


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Florida Studio Theatre invites students in grades K-5 to participate in the 3 Show Subscription Package.

Click here to request more information

2017-18 School Year Offerings

ROBIN HOOD  by Greg Banks

Performances through November 3rd!

The Play that Sets the Example
A fresh look at the timeless classic. Enter Sherwood Forest with legendary hero Robin Hood! Wielding a bow and arrow, Robin and his band of merry men join forces to stand up for what’s right. This swashbuckling tale of good and evil is full of action, trickery, disguises, swordfights, and plenty of help from the audience.

The Playmakers Tour: THE WRITE STUFF!

Performances through March at YOUR school!

The Play that Inspires Writing
Geared to inspire your students to write their own plays and participate in our 2018 Young Playwrights Festival. As a model, professional actors will perform at least two award-winning plays written by young playwrights. The show also teaches playwriting basics by using improvisation and participatory learning tools to inspire writing. Included with the show are up to eight in-class workshops to get your students writing their own plays.


Performances begin Spring 2018! 

The Winning Plays Written by Children
Wise, heartfelt, and often hilarious, this anthology of Award-winning short plays highlights the most creative and imaginative writing from Elementary school students. Performed by a cast of professional actors, the show will include a wide range of genres from comedies to dramas. These authentic stories from the minds of children, just like your students, contain lessons of life and purpose for us all.

Additional Information

Cost of tickets: $15 per student (this includes ALL 3 shows)

1 FREE Teacher ticket for every 15 student tickets.

Transportation Cost:
Transportation is needed for ROBIN HOOD and THE BOY WHO LIKED PULLING HAIR and  must be arranged and paid for by the school.

Need transportation funding? Check out the Community Foundation of Sarasota County’s Exploration Grants.

FST also provides bus subsidies. To apply, contact Hannah Bagnall,

Another option is to have your students see Embracing Our Differences on the same day as they view THE BOY WHO LIKED PULLING HAIR and receive FREE busing for that day.

If your school is not within busing distance Florida Studio Theatre will bring the show to you! Please ask about touring subscription prices.

For more information click here.




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