Our education initiative represents the most important aspect of our efforts – reaching and impacting the lives of our children.  Since 2004, more than 117,000 students have participated including 23,627 students in 2012 alone.

In addition to free field trips, a variety of resources are provided which include workshops presented by nationally recognized educators and professionally developed lesson plans relating to art appreciation, character building and diversity education.

As a result of these efforts, students not only have a great field trip, but also a well planned curriculum that is presented before, during and after their visit to the exhibit.

Teachers who participate in our education programs overwhelmingly rate them as meaningful and relevant educational experiences for their students. Specifically, of 132 teachers surveyed in 2012, 99% felt the experience was “outstanding” or “very good.”

Explorations Contact: Brenna Wilhm

Phone: 941-404-5710

Email: Brenna@EmbracingOurDifferences.org

Website: http://www.embracingourdifferences.org

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