Off-Campus Field Trip

Provider: InStride Therapy, Inc.

Contact: Cindy or Kerbe

Starting cost per student: $21

Additional Info: $450 per group of 0 – 22 or $750 for group up to 23 – 44 and call for special rates for group of more than 44.

Max. Capacity: 77

Transportation Needed?  Yes

Who Arranges Transportation? School

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  Yes


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Smiles all around as your class is drawn into InStride’s exciting hands-on interactive experience! Reading With Little Red & Friends teaches grade appropriate Literacy and Math skills at our 4 activity centers.  We also weave six important developmental areas: Feeding (eating/nutrition), Tacking (clothing), Grooming (washing & cleanliness), Farrier (shoes/no shoes), First Aid/Dentistry (health and teeth) Language and Math Skills (reading to the horses, identifying words, questioning, identifying and counting items and more).

*** Limited scholarships are available – don’t miss this great opportunity – call Sarah Sigmund now at 941-412-9333***

 Recent reviews from Taylor Ranch and North Port Glenallen teachers “…Small groups, incredibly organized, variety of activities, well supervised, high interest level for children, very interactive.

I just had to call before we even leave the parking lot to say, I have been a teacher for 20 years and this was the best field trip I have ever been to with my students.

In addition to experiences filled with learning and positive energy, we end by reading the story of Little Red to your class in our covered arena.  Then each of your students will be presented with their very own personal Little Red & Friends booklet to take back to school.

Also, we’ve created special Worksheets geared to Reading With Little Red & Friends. These worksheets are available online for teachers to use in either pre or post classroom work to build on your class experience with Little Red!  Sessions are already filling up! We’d love to have your class experience this one-of-a-kind literacy, math and development exploration with our horses, volunteers and staff here at InStride.

Please note: There are several opportunities for each student to interact with our pony, Little Red, and several other horses through direct contact, grooming and close observations. However riding would not be an appropriate part of this activity.

Recent 1st grade class experience – Reading With Little Red & Friends!


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