In-School Exploration,  Professional Visit to Class,  Teaching Artist Residency

Provider: The Circus Arts Conservatory

Contact: Karen Bell
941-355-9335 x302

Starting cost per student: $8.00

Additional Info:

Max. Capacity: 25

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  Yes


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Circus,  a beautiful art form of movement and skill, is also a great lesson in physics. Two classes, provided by The Circus Arts Conservatory,  are designed to provide interactive, hands-on experiences to reinforce basic concepts in physical science for the elementary student. Covered in the lessons are: (K-1) gravity, force, motion and (grade 2) friction, weight (introduction to mass) and acceleration. Students will try circus skills such as spinning plates, introduced through the nature of science.

Florida State Standards guide the objectives and assessments in this exploration. Students will be assessed through observation, experience, and through a booklet in which students provide responses in writing or through drawing.

For lesson review and further inquiry,  a website is available for use in the classroom or on the students home computer,  On the site, students will be able to look at circus acts and watch video on each of the scientific concepts discussed in each classroom lesson. There will also be a teacher link with additional lesson plans. A workbook will be provided for each student.

Since Circus Science and Literacy are related, this exploration is part of the Wild for Literacy program for Title One Schools. Please contact Karen Bell at 941-355-9335 x 302 for more information.


SC.K.P.12.1, SC.K.P.13.1, SC.K.N.1.1, SC.K.N.1.2, SC.K.N.1.3, LAFS.K.RI.1.3, LAFS.K.RI.2.4, LAFS.K.W.3.8, LAFS.K.SL.1.2,

SC.1.P.12.1, SC.1.P.13.1, SC.1.N.1.1, SC.1.N.1.2, SC.1.N.1.3, LAFS.1.SL.1.1, LAFS.1.RI.1.3, LAFS.1.RI.2.4, LAFS.1.W.3.8,

SC.2.P.13.1, SC.2.P.13.3, SC.2.P.13.4, LAFS.2.RI.4.10, LAFS.2.W.3.8, LAFS.2.SL.1.1

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