Online Virtual Conference,  Online Virtual Performance

Provider: Mote Marine Laboratory

Contact: Jason Robertshaw, Program Manager for Virtual Learning

Starting cost per student: $4.25

Additional Info: $128 (you save 20% off regular price of $160 through EdExploreSRQ)

Max. Capacity: 40

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation? Other (see description)

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  Yes


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Take a Virtual Field Trip with Mote Marine Laboratory. Bring Mote’s research, animals, and exhibits to your learners using affordable, easy-to-use distance learning technology like Skype. Our virtual field trips are an exciting way to engage your learners with STEM topics. Dive into our aquarium and chat with a shark trainer. Or explore the Florida Keys and make observations like a real coral reef scientist.

Coral Science

Through a guided game format, learners participate in a 50-minute, media-rich, interactive video lesson about coral reefs. This is followed by an open Q&A chat with our ocean expert.

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☎️ SCHEDULING HELPLINE: or (941) 388-2904

  • Recommended for Ages (Grades):
    • 11-12 (6th), 12-13 (7th), 13-14 (8th)
  • Can be Adapted for Ages (Grades):
    • 08-09 (3rd), 09-10 (4th), 10-11 (5th)
    • 14-15 (9th), 15-16 (10th), 16-17 (11th), 17-18 (12th)

Objectives: Understand basic coral reef ecology. Compare symbiotic relationships of reef organisms. Identify coral anatomy and reproduction strategies. Recognize the value of  coral reefs to humans. Identify threats to coral reefs like disease, climate change, and ocean acidification. Compare three stewardship actions.


  • Intro and prior knowledge
  • Guided Reef Quest game
    1. Coral classification.
    2. Coral anatomy.
    3. Life cycles.
    4. Reef formation.
    5. Biogeography.
    6. Biodiversity.
    7. Reef relationships (symbiosis).
    8. Food webs.
    9. Coral conservation.
  • Research and conservation
  • Open questions and answers

Full or partial discounts may available for Title 1 Schools or schools with a student population >40% free and reduced lunches. Please contact us for more information. Our ExploreSRQ listings are eligible for funding from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, as well as the Education Foundation of Sarasota County.

Recommended Technology for Virtual Lessons and Livestreams: We recommend connecting via Zoom or Skype but we will try any technology necessary to connect with your classroom. We want to make this the best experience possible for your learners.
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SC.3.L.15.1, SC.3.L.17.1, SC.3.N.1.1, SC.3.N.1.4, SC.3.N.1.7, SC.4.L.16.3, SC.4.L.17.2, SC.4.L.17.4, SC.4.N.1.1,, SC.7.L.15.1, SC.7.L.15.2, S.C.7.L.15.3, SC.8.N.4.1, SC.8.N.4.2

Excerpt from our Reef Quest segment.

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