In-School Exploration

Provider: Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Contact: Doug Shenk

Starting cost per student: $4.00

Additional Info: $4.00 per student with a minimum of 100 students. There is no maximum, but <200 per presentation we find fosters good interaction and student participation. We have presented to the entire student body in back-to-back 50-minute period increments to keep the presentation number under 200 at a time.

Max. Capacity: 200

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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Using liquid nitrogen as our primary prop, Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream’s in-school exploration will facilitate discussion of  topics such as States of Matter, Water Cycle, Ideal Gas Law, the Leidenfrost Effect, creative uses of the scientific method, and defining and testing hypotheses. We demonstrate the concepts through various exciting experiments that culminate in the real-world application of flash freezing ice cream for the students.


SC.K.N.1.2, SC.K.P.9.1, SC.1.N.1.1, SC.1.N.1.4, SC.2.N.1.1, SC.2.N.1.4 SC.2.N.1.6, SC.2.P.8.2, SC.2.P.8.3, SC.2.P 8.4, SC.3.N.1.1, SC.3.P.9.1, SC.4.N.1.1, SC.4.P.11.1, SC.5.N.1.3, SC.5.E.7.1, SC.5.P.8.4, SC.5.P.9.1, SC.8.P.8.7, SC.8.P.9.2, SC.7.P.11.1 , SC.7.P.11.4 , SC.912.N.1.7, SC.912.P.8.1, SC.912.P.12.10, SC.912.P.10.7

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