In-School Exploration

Provider: Diamond Del Gem Mining of Florida

Contact: Barry B. Brockman

Starting cost per student: $12

Additional Info: Exploration cost includes a collection of gems and minerals from around the world for each student to take home.

Max. Capacity: 300

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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Teachers: Please note that this Exploration requires that materials be shared from the Provider to your students through you. Before you decide to participate in this Exploration, please ensure that you will be able to receive the materials from the Provider in a safe and healthy way and, importantly, that your Remote Learners will be able to obtain the required materials in time to participate fully in the Exploration.

Help your students learn about the classification and identification of minerals and rocks with a truly hands-on adventure that takes place right at your school thanks to Diamond Del Gem Mining of Florida! Students begin their Gem Mining Adventure with a 16-minute video that presents all of the minerals students can find in the mine and instructs students about what they will do during this Gem Mining Experience. Students will also learn about how rocks and minerals are formed and the difference between the two. After the video, students will perform their own mining session. During this session, each student will discover stones from mining through a sluicing process. Each student is guaranteed to find a diverse collection of rocks and minerals which will include all of the primary benchmark contents required by the state as well as other minerals. After the hand-on mining experience, students will return to the classroom to learn how to classify and identify their collections by examining the physical properties.

Exploration cost includes a collection of gems and minerals from around the world for each student to take home.

To Reserve this Exploration, please visit the Diamond Del’s of Florida website.

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SC.2.E.6.1, SC.4.E.6.1, SC.4.E.6.2

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