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Provider: Sarasota Opera

Contact: George Hemcher

Starting cost per student: $0

Additional Info:

Max. Capacity:

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation? Other (see description)

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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Sarasota Opera invites students and educators to experience the magic of live opera through our professional live recording of Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. In this Baroque treasure, Dido the Queen of Carthage falls in love with the Trojan warrior Aeneas, yet scheming sorcery and fateful spells doom their great passion. Hear the abandoned and heartbroken queen conclude the epic tale with one of opera’s most memorable laments.

Throughout the production you can explore Baroque style music including rarely used instruments like the harpsichord, 4-part harmony in the numerous choruses, solo and ensemble singing as well as set design, costumes, props, and lighting. Explore how one set becomes a multitude of different scenes, and watch as the chorus of 12 singers does 60 second costume changes numerous times to embody different characters throughout this 1-act opera.

Educational Supplement

In addition to a YouTube link to the opera, educators will receive a mini-documentary called From Page to Stage. This 10-minute video follows the work of the artist singing Dido through her final aria. You will get to see the progression of her work from the first music rehearsal to staging, piano dress rehearsal, orchestra rehearsal, and final dress rehearsals. See how her work culminates in the performance you will watch with your students!

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Additional Details

Cost of Streaming:

55 minutes.

Grade Levels:
This opera performance is suitable for Grades 6 and up.

Teachers may, at their own discretion, choose to bring younger students.

Real-Time Subtitles:
While Purcell’s opera is in English, real-time subtitles are displayed, providing immediate understanding of what is happening, helping you to experience the excitement of the performance.

To Reserve your Streaming Link 

Fill out our online registration form by clicking here.

Once you register to watch Dido and Aeneas you will be provided with a YouTube link to use in your classrooms. The YouTube link will be available from April 26 to June 11 and can be used at any time or multiple times depending on your teaching schedule.


Contact George Hemcher, Youth Opera Coordinator
941-328-1329 |


MU.68.C.1.1, MU.68.C.1.3, MU.68.C.1.4, MU.68.O.3.1, MU.6.8.H.1.2, MU.68.H.3.1, MU.68.F.3.1, MU.912.C.1.1, MU.912.C.2.2, MU.912.C.3.1, MU.912.O.3.1, MU.912.F.2.3, LAFS.6.RL.3.7, LAFS.6.RL.4.10, LAFS.7.RL.3.7, LAFS.7.RL.4.10, LAFS.7.L.3.5, LAFS.8.RL.1.3, LAFS.8.RL.3.7 LAFS.8.L.3.5. LAFS.910.RL.2.5, LAFS910.RL.2.6, LAFS.910.RI.1.3, LAFS.910.RI.2.6, LAFS910.SL.1.2, LAFS.910.SL.1.3, LAFS.1112.RL.2.5, LAFS1112.RL.2.6, LAFS.1112.RI.1.3, LAFS.1112.RI.2.6, LAFS1112.SL.1.2, LAFS.1112.SL.1.3, TH.68.C.1.3, TH.68.C.1.5, TH.68.C.3.1, TH.68.F.2.2, TH.68.H.1.2, TH.68.H.1.5, TH.68.H.3.1, TH.68.H.3.6, TH.68.O.1.3, TH.68.S.1.1, TH.912.C.1.6, TH.912.C.3.1, TH.912.C.3.3, TH.912.F.2.2, TH.912.H.1.1, TH.912.H.1.5, TH.912.H.3.2, TH.912.S.1.4

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