Off-Campus Field Trip

Provider: Crowley Museum & Nature Center

Contact: Dixie Resnick

Starting cost per student: $10

Additional Info: $10 per student participant; $5 per additional adult/chaperone

Max. Capacity: 150

Transportation Needed?  Yes

Who Arranges Transportation? School

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  Yes


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This unique, hands on and immersive field trip is perfect for K-12 students learning about Florida’s natural & cultural history. Activities and content are appropriate for the specific grade of the students attending. Students may learn about rural architecture, sustainable organic farming, livestock husbandry, man/animal powered tools, hand laundering, the process of cultivation to consumption of food, textiles and more. Children will gain a broader knowledge of the daily life of early settlers of Florida as taught by knowledgeable and experienced costumed instructors. A hayride shuttle is available between stations and a fun addition to the farm experience. Conservation of resources was necessary due to lack of convenience and we relate this practice to modern ethical responsibilities of sustainable living. Curriculum includes studies of the natural and cultural histories of Florida and the Native American nations. We look forward to taking your students back in time for an impactful educational experience!


SS.4.A.3.8, SS.4.A.3.9, SS.4.A.3.10, SS.4.A.4.2, SS.4.A.5.1, SS.4.A.5.2, SS.4.A.6.1

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