Online Virtual Exploration

Provider: Florida Studio Theatre

Contact: Shelby Lynhall

Starting cost per student: $0

Additional Info: Through the Community Foundation of Sarasota and generous supporters this exploration is FREE of charge

Max. Capacity: 25

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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Virtual- The Playmakers Tour: The Write Stuff 

October 2021-December 2021

The Playmakers Tour: The Write Stuff!: On the heels of last year’s successful virtual program Florida Studio Theatre is presenting this interactive playwriting experience via Zoom again this school year. The show and writing workshop are combined into a memorable creative experience designed for both in-person and concurrent digital learners. In addition to the live zoom experience, teachers will be provided pre-recorded video lessons and step-by-step writing guides to continue playwriting in their own classrooms. This special combination of theatre and language arts is designed specifically to get your students excited about writing.

Thanks to The Community Foundation of Sarasota and FST’s generous donors this virtual experience is offered at NO COST to classrooms.

Join Florida Studio Theatre in inspiring student to write fantastic plays!

Educator Reviews:

“The Playmakers tour was amazing!! I can’t believe how well done the program was. Thank you for keeping all the parts that we love even virtually. I think it is so important that the kids watch the actors perform the plays that were written by kids and then the modeling you did with the kids was super effective…Brilliant. THANK you again for taking the TIME to make a meaningful program in such a challenging time. ” – Freda Williams, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Phenomenal experience!! High quality and top-notch educational field trip!” – Caitlin Sedlack, 4th Grade Teacher

A truly wonderful, interactive experience to engage students in play writing. Teachers, sign up for this one ASAP!!” Nick Saldivar, K-5 Drama Teacher

Additional Information

The experience is designed for up to 4 classrooms at a time.


LAFS.K12.SL.1.1, LAFS.K12.SL.1.2, LAFS.K12.W.1.3, LAFS.K12.W.2.4, LAFS.K12,W.2.5, LAFS.K.SL.1.1, LAFS.K.SL.1.2, LAFS.K.W.1.3, LAFS.K.W.2.4, LAFS.K.W.2.5, LAFS.1.L.1.1, LAFS.1.SL.1.1, LAFS.1.SL.1.2, LAFS.1.SL..2.4, LAFS.1.SL.2.6, LAFS.1.W.1.3, LAFS.1.W.2.5, LAFS.2.L.1.1, LAFS.2.L.2.3, LAFS.2.SL.1.1, LAFS.2.SL.1.2, LAFS.2.SL.1.3, LAFS.2.SL.2.6, LAFS.2.W.2.5, LAFS.2.W.3.8, LAFS.3.L.1.1, LAFS.3.L.2.3, LAFS.3.SL.1.1, LAFS.3.SL.1.2, LAFS.3.SL.1.3, LAFS.3.SL.2.6, LAFS.3.W.1.3, LAFS.3.W.1.3, LAFS.3.W.2.5, LAFS.3.W.3.8, LAFS.4.L.1.1, LAFS.4.L.2.3, LAFS.4.SL.1.1, LAFS.4.SL.1.2, LAFS.4.SL.1.3, LAFS.4.SL.2.6, LAFS.4.W.1.3, LAFS.4.W.2.5, LAFS.4.W.3.8, LAFS.4.W.4.10, LAFS.5.L.1.1, LAFS.5.L.2.3, LAFS.5.SL.1.1, LAFS.5.SL.1.2, LAFS.5.SL.1.3, LAFS.5.SL.2.6, LAFS.5.W.1.3, LAFS.5.W.2.5, LAFS.5.W.3.8, LAFS.5.W.4.10,

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