Off-Campus Field Trip

Provider: Englewood Innovation Center

Contact: Blanca Diaz

Starting cost per student: $0

Additional Info:

Max. Capacity: 15

Transportation Needed?  Yes

Who Arranges Transportation? Other (see description)

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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Have you ever had an idea about a product that you thought might make you a tremendous amount of money? Those entrepreneurs who become successful are those who not only have an innovative conceptual product, but also a way to manufacture that product in a way that generates the highest amount of profit. Being an entrepreneur or design engineer is no easy task!  According to Small Business Works (2015), “it takes an enormous amount of effort, passion, and commitment.” Don Musilli, Director of Englewood Innnovation Center, Inc. (E.I.C.) and entrepreneur would agree…but would add that the skills and technology involved in making modifications to existing “hard technology” is critical if one is to gain entry into the product market.

The Board of E.I.C., comprised of entrepreneurs, architects, and engineers understand that innovation has always been the back bone  of the American economic engine. As stated by Susan Hockfield, President of MIT, “Innovations that drive lasting economic growth emerge from the most advanced science, mathematics and technology.” 3D printing is one of those technologies! Accoring to EIC, “New ideas, designs and processes from all disciplines (math, science, music, medicine, technology) are being impacted by the innovation of 3D printing…If you google 3D printing and any industry, you will find that all areas of the medical, aerospace, auto, military, fashion, construction, and government operations are investing heavily in this technology; and that advancements in the size, speed, and types of materials in which one can print using a 3d printer are increasing on a daily basis.”




The magic that will occur at Englewood Innovation Center involves additive manufacturing, another term for 3-D printing! Students will not only hear about the rewards of creating and developing new products but more deeply understand the challenges that can be over overcome. Students who have experienced this career exploration are already putting what they have learned into practice. For example, one student is using his parent’s company logo to design keychains that are being given to customers to promote the business.

The Assignment:

  1. Each student (or teams of students) will complete the attached form (see PDF) describing your vision for an innovative product and answer the questions.
  2. Each student (or teams of students) will complete the attached business plan (see PDF)

Once the students arrive at the EIC site, students will learn about additive manufacturing, see a variety of 3D printers in action, and discuss their vision and business plan. Students will learn that they can make a difference in this global world even now!


Field trips provide active learning that reinforce classroom experiences; expose students to real-world workplace environments; and allow explorations of career options. Experiential field trips give students knowledge of their interests and career aspirations, and how they see the world. Relevance is a key! Understanding the connections between what is being taught and career aspirations are essential to both increased student achievement as well as to the development of a trained community-based workforce. When potential young entrepreneurs or design engineers understand that their dreams can come true through coding and the consequent use of additive technology, then students are more apt to register for upper level science and math courses in high school. When teachers, students, and parents can assess meaningful connections and transfer that knowledge from class to real world, everyone benefits.

THE EDUCATION FOUNDATION OF SARASOTA COUNTY is serving as the coordinating organization for the EdExploreSRQ Interactive (or Experiential) Career Series. 


SC.68.CS-PC. 2.6, SC.68.CS-PC 2.8, SC.68.CS-PC 1.1, LAFS.68.RH.1.2, LAFS.68.RST.3.9, MAFS.K12.MP.3, MAFS.K12.MP.1.1, SS.8.FL.1, CIP.0614130100, Program #: 8401100

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