Off-Campus Field Trip

Provider: PGT Industries

Contact: Lori Gentile

Starting cost per student: $0

Additional Info:

Max. Capacity: 25

Transportation Needed?  Yes

Who Arranges Transportation? Other (see description)

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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Experiential field trips give students knowledge of their interests and career aspirations, and impact various perceptual worlds. The world of engineering touches all parts of our lives,  from spoons to skateboards …  to the windows and doors that secure families from intruders or the devastating forces of nature! PGT values all life…as evidenced by their awareness of “Dark sky at night, turtles delight!”, and the consequent development of  PGT glass products that restrict the amount of light thus complying with sea turtle protection codes! But PGT Industries will tell you there is more to their company than engineering! Through the windows of PGT Industries, students will not only observe engineering innovations designed to save lives but also explore other career windows …including finance, human resources, and marketing. To better meet the diverse career interests of students, PGT Industries invites you to select one of two career exploration options, the first focusing on Engineering and Finance; and, the second focusing on Human Relations, Customer Care, and Marketing. Both explorations include a tour and interactive activities! After selecting one of the two explorations, be prepared to  observe how PGT Industries works as a team while experiencing the excitement of innovation:



Exploration ONE:  “STEM’ing Your Future! Engineering, Accounting, and Finance!”  

1. Careers include: Design Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Materials Engineer; Accountant, Bookkeeper, Auditor, Payroll Clerk, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Financial Manager, Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst.

2. Activities include:

-Assembly Tour (30 minutes) – “Watching Automation in Action!” (Part 1)

-Engineering (30 minutes) – The History and Future of Glass”; “Complex vs. Simple Glass!”; “CAD and 3-D Modeling!”

– Interactive Activity (30 minutes) – “What It Takes to Build a Screen!”

– Accounting/Finance (30 minutes) – “Counting is Everywhere!”

          “Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much in so short a time.” ~ Bill Gates


Exploration TWO:  “Winning With Words! HR/Workforce Development, Customer Care, and Marketing!”

1.Careers include: Human Resources Manager, Specialist, Assistant; Training and Development Manager, Specialist; Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialist; Customer Service Field Representative; Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Communications Specialist; Advertising and Promotions Specialist; Marketing and Research.

2. Activities include:

– Assembly Tour (30 minutes) – “Watching Automation in Action (Part 2)

– HR/Workforce Development (30 minutes) – “Learn How to get Your Dream Job!” (Ask the right questions! Give the right answers!)

-Customer Care (30 minutes) – “PGT Industries is Much More than Manufacturing!”

-Interactive Activity: Marketing (30 minutes) – “Posting on Facebook, Twitter, & the Latest Technology Software to Promote Products!”

                           “There is more to our company than engineering.” ~ PGT Industries


Experiential field trips provide active learning that reinforces classroom experiences; exposes students to real-world workplace environments; and allows explorations of career options. Relevance is a key! Understanding the connections between what is being taught and career aspirations are essential to both increased student achievement as well as to the development of a trained community-based workforce. To illustrate, for those students interested in engineering, when physics is discussed in terms of impacts to glass (design engineer) or in reference to the leverage needed to bend metals (manufacturing engineer), then two things happen. First, those students understand the need to register for upper level science courses in high school; and second, the need for high demand professions may be filled. When teachers, students, and parents can assess meaningful connections and transfer that knowledge from class to real world, everyone benefits.

“The greatest education in the world is watching the Masters at work.”

~Michael Jackson (America Singer/Songwriter – 1958 -2009)


THE EDUCATION FOUNDATION OF SARASOTA COUNTY is serving as the coordinating organization for the EdExploreSRQ Interactive (or Experiential) Career Series. 


SC.68.CS-PC. 2.6, SC.68.CS-PC 2.8, SC.68.CS-PC 1.1, LAFS.68.RH.1.2, LAFS.68.RST.3.9, MAFS.K12.MP.3, MAFS.K12.MP.1.1, SS.8.FL.1, CIP.0614130100, Program #: 8401100

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