Off-Campus Field Trip

Provider: Sun Hydraulics Corporation

Contact: Lori Gentile

Starting cost per student: $0

Additional Info:

Max. Capacity: 25

Transportation Needed?  Yes

Who Arranges Transportation? Other (see description)

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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 “Explore Careers that USE ROBOTICS to turn Innovative Concepts into Marketable Products!”

By working together, we at Sun Hydraulics Corporation open up opportunities for innovation at every turn! We get to think of products that no one has ever imagined! We are encouraged to create the future of next generation products, and those products challenge us to do our best work! After welcoming you to our company, our marketing and engineering teams will then present a Sun hydraulic product overview, followed by two career-based rotations in the areas of Design Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering/Automation. Come let us show you how we do it by participating in the following two rotations:

Rotation 1 (25 minute rotation):  Design Engineering.

  1. Careers include: Design Engineering; Senior Product Developer
  2. Activities: Students will be shown how engineers utilize “Pro E” to design custom manifolds. The engineers will show students how hydraulic valves are used in the manifold along with the product the manifold goes into.

Rotation 2: Manufacturing, Engineering and Automation (involves a 20 minute session in each area).

  1. Careers include: Mechatronics and Robotic Engineers; Manufacturing and Electronic Technologist; Robotics Technician
  2. Activities:  Students will see how raw material “comes in the door” and becomes finished products that are shipped to customers around the world. In addition, students will see how automation improves productivity.

Engineering is everywhere…in the food we eat, the athletic shoes we wear; the safety gear that keeps us safe (football and soccer helmets)…even in the prosthetic tail of Winter, the dolphin who lost its tail to another engineered device, a crab trap! Engineered innovations occur everyday! For example, dredging companies attempting to restore sand to beaches can now be more efficient and safe by typing in Sun Hydraulics and selecting “Ampset Blue”, a Bluetooth configuration for Sun Hydraulics Embedded Amplifiers. This wireless remote access eliminates the need for on-site laptops, programmers, and special cabling thereby increasing both efficiency and safety. All that is needed is a Captain’s iPhone or android! And, much of our daily activities involve hydraulic power, be it in the braking of automobiles, the making of coins, or the raising of a life-saving fire truck ladder, all of which are driven by the laws of science.

When students understand the relevance of what they are learning, then two things happen: First, those students understand the need to register for upper level science/engineering courses in high school; and, second, the need for high-demand professions may be filled. When teachers, students, and parents can assess meaningful connections and transfer knowledge from the real world, everyone benefits. Relevance is key! This exploration equates to active learning that reinforces classroom experiences; exposes students to real-world workplace environments; and allows exploration of career options.


“Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them!”   ~ (James A. Michener (American Author)



THE EDUCATION FOUNDATION OF SARASOTA COUNTY is serving as the coordinating organization for the EdExploreSRQ Interactive (or Experiential) Career Series.


SC. 68.CS-PC. 2.6, SC. 68.CS-PC 2.8, SC. 68.CS-PC 1.1, LAFS.68.RH.1.2, LAFS.68.RST.3.9, MAFS.K12.MP.3, MAFS.K12.MP.1.1, SS.8.FL.1, CIP.0614130100, Program #: 8401100

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