Online Virtual Exploration

Provider: Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe

Contact: Travis Ray

Starting cost per student: $0

Additional Info: $200 per Exploration, maximum of $400 per school. The virtual classroom session will be held via a Zoom format at your school with 2-3 classes participating together. The date ranges that teachers can schedule are from February 16 to March 12, 2021.

Max. Capacity: 300

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  Yes


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Jazzlinks takes history off the page and makes it come alive!  This collaboration between the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe (WBTT)  and The Jazz Club of Sarasota is designed to educate high school and middle school students about the role of African Americans in U.S. history as reflected in jazz music and the lives of performers and historic figures.  Jazzlinks includes the following experience:

  • Virtual Classroom Session: where we will bring two professional performers to the classroom to perform a short sketch with music, videos and historical information about the Harlem Renaissance and related historical events. 

Scheduling of this program:  The virtual classroom sessions will be available from February 16 to March 12, 2021.


SS.912.A.2.2, SS.912.A.2.4, SS 912.A.2.5, SS.912.A.2.6, SS.912.A.4.8, SS.912.A.5.3, SS.912.A.5.6, SS.912.A.5.7, SS.912.A.5.9, SS.912.A.5.10

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