Teaching Artist Residency

Provider: Larry Engler (Poko Puppets)- Artists in Schools/Arts and Cultural Alliance

Contact: Larry Engler

Starting cost per student: $20

Additional Info: $500 for the exploration This includes two sessions, usually one week apart. Materials are included. Schools also receive a DVD copy of "Making Puppets At Home with Larry Engler"

Max. Capacity: 25

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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Explore the world of puppetry with teaching artist Larry Engler and Poko Puppets.  Students design and construct a simple paper plate moving-mouth puppet. The instructor makes the basic form with them, and the teacher finishes the puppets before the second session with the materials provided.

Next the participants learn the basics of how to effectively bring the puppet to life: how to open and close the mouth properly, and how to give the puppet a voice.

Lastly, the students participate in working the puppets in front of an audience by performing improvisations based on well known stories and fables in front of the class.



GRADE 3: TH.3.C.1.1, TH.3.S.3.1, TH.3.H.2.2, TH.3.F.3.1, DA.3.F.3.1, LAFS.3.SL.1.3, LAFS.3.RL.1.3, LAFS.3.SL.2.6, HE.3.B.4.3, LAFS.3.L.2.3, LAFS.3.RL.1.2, LAFS.3.L.3.6
GRADE 4: TH.4.O.2.2, TH.4.S.2.1, TH.4.S.3.1, DA.4.O.3.1, DA.4.S.2.1, LAFS.4.L.2.3, LAFS.4.RL.3.9, LAFS.4.SL.2.4, HE.4.B.4.3, LAFS.4.L.3.6

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