In-School Exploration

Provider: Mary J. Kelly- Artists in Schools/Arts and Cultural Alliance

Contact: Mary J. Kelly
Mobile: 520-840-4449 Home: 941-876-4489

Starting cost per student: $3

Additional Info: $450 per 55 minutes auditorium performance – 2 back to back same day performances $750 – Harriet classroom presentations $175 per class/session up to 55 minutes includes pre-visit planning with teacher, travel and study guide.

Max. Capacity: 150

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?


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Attention K-12 teachers in Title 1 schools! This exploration can be funded through the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota. Click on the link to apply.

Mary portrays Harriet  Tubman during her years as a slave, her journey to freedom and her endeavors to help others flee northward. Midnight Train: Harriet Tubman Conductor on the Underground Railroad was written by Mary J. Kelly. Harriet Tubman is well known for her 19 trips down South along the secret route known as the Underground Railroad to save over 300 other Africans from the brutality of slavery. The struggle for the Africans from slavery to freedom was long and  costly in terms of human suffering. Still today, this struggle stirs up harsh  memories of racial injustice.  Mary states, “I felt called to put my energy into writing a script to inspire audiences to learn about and rethink the issue of slavery.  Mary’s portrayal of Harriet incorporates a storytelling style utilizing characterization, song, movement and audience participation that create a realistic view of being enslaved.  Harriet’s story is one of triumph and survival under the harshest conditions one can imagine.  Furthermore, social injustice still exists–worldwide in fact–we now call it by a different name, “human trafficking” but it is the same abominable activity.


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