In-School Exploration

Provider: The Circus Arts Conservatory

Contact: Karen Bell
941-355-9335 x302

Starting cost per student: $10

Additional Info:

Max. Capacity: 20

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation? Other (see description)

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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This three part exploration by The Circus Arts Conservatory’s teaching artists brings a thoughtful look at tight wire walking through the Caldecott Award Winning Children’s book Mirette on the High Wire by Emily Arnold McCully. To enhance the story the students will have the opportunity to walk a tight wire, learn new vocabulary,  research circus terms and get a glimpse of Paris 100 years ago. Throughout the lessons, students are challenged to reflect on heroism, fear, friendship and responsibility, and above all, how consider a dream as a possibility.

Once students have read the story, they will use creative dramatics to stage it, including the characters and other elements in the illustrations. In doing so, the students will find a new understanding of the individuals and their motivations, while using teamwork and imagination while retelling the story. During the second visit the teaching artists will give the students an opportunity to walk a real tight wire, helping to better understand what the characters were feeling and doing. The students are then challenged to create a writing project in their classroom to demonstrate their understanding of the story and to express their personal feelings towards the story and the experience of walking a tight wire.

  • All supplies will be provided by The CAC.
  • This exploration can also be presented digitally.
  • Lesson plan is provided.
  • Virtual PD upon requested.



ELA.2.F.1.3, ELA.2.F.1.4, ELA.2.R.1.1, ELA.2.R.1.2, ELA.2.R.1.3, ELA.2.C.2.1, ELA.2.C.5.1, ELA.2.V.1.1, ELA.2.V.1.3, TH.2.S.1.1, TH.2.S.2.1, TH.2.S.3.1, TH.2.S.3.2, TH.2.S.3.3, PE.2.M.1.1, PE.2.R.5.2, PE.2.R.5.3, ELA.3.F.1.3, ELA.3.F.1.4, ELA.3.R.1.1, ELA.3.R.1.2, ELA.3.R.1.3, ELA.3.C.3.1, ELA.3.C.5.1ELA.3.V.1.1, ELA.3.V.1.3, TH.3.H.1.1, TH.3.H.3.1, TH.3.S.1.1, TH.3.S.2.1, PE.3.M.1.1, PE.3.R.6.3,
ELA.4.F.1.3, ELA.4.F.1.4, ELA.4.R.1.1, ELA.4.R.3.2, ELA.4.C.3.1, ELA.4.C.5.1, ELA.4.V.1.1, ELA.4.V.1.3, TH.4.S.1.1, TH.4.S.2.1, TH.4.H.1.1, TH.4.H.3.1, PE.4.M.1.1, PE.4.R.6.3

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