In-School Exploration,  In-School Performance,  Professional Visit to Class

Provider: Venice Symphony

Contact: Gayle Heskett

Starting cost per student: $15

Additional Info: Total cost is $1500, intended for an entire grade level

Max. Capacity:

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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The Venice Symphony’s “in-house” program to include all students, anywhere in Sarasota County. Participating teachers will receive Music Alive! curriculum packets, educational support, and visits from Venice Symphony musicians representing various families of the orchestra. Five important musical ideas or concepts are featured in this Exploration; Tempo, Pitch, Dynamics, Duration and Texture. The Music Alive! Curriculum is available in FLP or PDF format and includes vocabulary, listening exercises, fun pages, and new activities incorporating the new Florida State Language Arts and Math Standards. Program features and teacher resources can be customized to meet your specific educational needs. A music educator from the VSO will contact or visit you to promote this new program. The culminating activity is a concert at your school, performed by one of our chamber music groups.

LAFS.2.RL.2.4, LAFS.2.SL.2.5, LAFS.2.SL.2.5, MU1C12, MU1C13, MU1C21, MU1C31, MU1S32, MU1O11, MU1O31, MU1H11, MU1H12
MU2C12, MU2C13, MU2C31, MU2S11, MU2S32, MU2O11, MU2O31, MU2H11, MU2H12
MU3C12, MU3C13, MU3C31, MU3S21, MU3O11, MU3O31, MU3H11, MU3H12, MU3H13
MU4C11, MU4C12, MU4C13, MU4C31, MU4S21, MU4O11, MU4O32, MU4H11, MU4H12
MU5C11, MU5C12, MU5C13, MU5S21, MU5O11, MU5O31, MU5H11, MU5H21, MU5H22
MU68S31, MU68S32, MU68S33, MU68S34, MU68S35, MU68S36

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