Teaching Artist Residency

Provider: Stephanie Daige

Contact: Stephanie Daige

Starting cost per student: $20

Additional Info: $350 per residency. This cost includes 4 visits to the classroom with the oboe or bassoon section (or two visits with each section). $600 for two classes (or one block schedule class) taught back-to-back on the same day. $75 total extra travel fee for south county (South of Pine View) schools.

Max. Capacity: 15

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  Yes


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Band directors: Do your oboe or bassoon students need help?  Were the double reed instruments your least favorite in instrumental methods?  Do you ever wonder what they were thinking putting so many thumb keys on a bassoon?  Teaching artists/musician Stephanie Daige  can help your students learn to:

  • use correct fingerings and alternate fingerings when appropriate.
  • play in tune.
  • play with a correct embouchure.
  • understand articulations and phrasing.
  • play expressively.
  • learn their parts for band or orchestra repertoire.
  • learn practice techniques and strategies.
  • increase technical proficiency.
  • challenge themselves beyond band repertoire with method books and solo repertoire.
  • learn solos or chamber pieces for Solo and Ensemble MPA, or other recitals.



MU.68.O.3.2, MU.68.S.2.2, MU.68.S.3.1, MU.68.S.3.2, MU.68.S.3.3, MU.68.S.3.4, MU.68.S.3.6, MU.912.S.2.2, MU.912.S.3.1, MU.912.S.3.2, MU.9.12.S.3.4, MU.912.S.3.5

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