In-School Performance

Provider: Kuniko Yamamoto- Artists in Schools/Arts and Cultural Alliance

Contact: Kuniko Yamamoto
941-423-2449 (office)/941-468-4049 (cell)

Starting cost per student: $2.50

Additional Info: 1 show (45 minutes, up to 200 students)$500, 2 shows back to back in one location (200 students per group) $750f1, 3 shows back to back in one location (200 students per group) $900, 2 days residency '97 $1,500, Kuniko's residency can be customized to your needs and schedule.

Max. Capacity: 900

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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A CULTURAL EXPERIENCE with Japanese Folk Tales and Origami (paper folding), provides students & families a magical entry into our diverse world. Kuniko performed from The Kennedy Center to Epcot Disney, and hundreds of schools from Alaska to Florida last 20 years. Tampa Tribune reviewed her as ’93A magical teacher!’94

In this her new show ’93Origami Tales’94, mythological character masks & puppets, amazing flowers and a dragon ’96 all made from origami ’96 set the stage while Kuniko shares heartfelt stories from ancient Japan. INTERDISCIPLINARY CURRICULUM CONNECTION : Origami deals with basic geometry studies in Math, storytelling connects with Language Arts and her Japanese heritage brings Asian Studies to K-12 students STUDY GUIDES’a0includes lesson plans and activities in additions to resources can be digitally downloaded from her website’



SS.3.G.1.5, SS.3.G.1.5, TH.3.H.1.1, TH.3.O.1.2, TH.3.O.2.1, TH.3.O.3.1, TH.3.S.1.1, TH.5.H.2.1, TH.5.O.3.2, LAFS.K12.SL.1.3, LAFS.3.L.2.3 LAFS.3.SL.1.3, LAFS.K.RI.1.2, LAFS.K.RI.2.4, LAFS.K.RL.1.3, LAFS.K.SL.2.6, LAFS.1.RL.1.3, LAFS.1.SL.1.2, MAFS.K.G.1.2, MAFS.K.G.1.2, MAFS.K.G.2.4, MAFS.K.G.2.6, MAFS.1.G.1.3, MAFS.K.G.2.1, MAFS.K.G.2.2, MAFSA.K.G.2.3,, TH.K.C.3.2, TH.K.C.3.2, TH.K.F.1.1, TH.K.O.1.1, TH.K.S.1.1, TH.1.F.1.1, TH.1.H.1.1, TH.1.S.1.3

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