Online Virtual Exploration

Provider: Laura Courter- Artist in Schools

Contact: Laura Courter

Starting cost per student: $4

Additional Info: Workshop cost: $75 per workshop. You may select one or more workshops for your students!

Max. Capacity: 25

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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Do your students need some guidance with Personal or Imaginative Narrative Writing?  Bring Laura in Virtually to motivate and help your students and improve their Narrative writing. Laura will virtually visit your classroom for a workshop in Character, Setting, Action, Plot/Problem or Solution.  You may choose the workshop your class might need help with, and Laura will visit for a 45-minute writing lesson.  All materials will be emailed to the teacher.

Each workshop uses Creative Drama techniques to inspire your students in writing their Personal or Imaginative Narrative.

You may choose one workshop or a combination of workshops:

Character workshop– Students will choose the characters for their Narrative and Laura will guide them through writing and acting descriptions and personalities of the Character.

Setting/Location Workshop– This workshop helps students to write descriptions of their settings using the 5 senses.  Great for elaboration and detail!

Action Workshop– This workshop teaches the Action Chain of a Narrative paper.  The students begin with an action sentence and then learn how to elaborate and use details for descriptions.

Plot/Problem Workshop– This workshop helps students find the “Big Moment”, the most exciting part of their narrative, introduce it and write with details.

Solution Workshop:  Writing the conclusion or solution to a narrative paper is explored.  How to write a strong ending to the narrative.




LAFS.2.W.1.3, LAFS.2.W.2.5, TH.2.0.1, TH.2.H.3, LAFS.3. W.1.3, LAFS.3.W.2.4, TH.3.H.3.3,TH.3.H.2.1, TH.

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