Off-Campus Field Trip

Provider: Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Contact: Anastasia Sallen, Director of Environmental Education
941.366.5731 ext. 273

Starting cost per student: $10

Additional Info:

Max. Capacity: 60

Transportation Needed?  Yes

Who Arranges Transportation? School

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  Yes


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Pioneer Life at Historic Spanish Point Campus (4th Grade)  

Designed for 4th grade students, this school tour, provided by The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens at Historic Spanish point, introduces students to what we know about pioneer life at the Historic Spanish Point campus. 

School groups will explore features of the Historic Spanish Point campus that exhibit pioneer life, including the Guptill House, Pioneer Boatyard, and Packing House. Students will learn about what attracted pioneers to what is now the Historic Spanish Point campus and what their day-to-day lives were like. Students will examine primary sources and learn about the research methods used to gather information about pioneer life. 

Students will participate in a hands-on boat building activity, learning about the importance of maritime travel and shipping routes to pioneer life. Students will design, construct, and test their boats, exploring how science can be put to work to make a boat float! 

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SS.4.A.1.1, SS.4.A.4.1, SS.4.A.4.2, SS.4.A.6.1, SS.4.A.6.3, SS.4.A.8.4, SS.4.G.1.3, SS.4.E.1.1, SS.4.E.1.2, SS.4.FL.1.1, SS.4.FL.1.6, SS.4.FL.1.7, SC.4.N.3.1, SC.4.N.1.8, SC.4.P.10.2, SC.4.P.10.4, SC.4.P.12.1

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