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Provider: New College Public Archaeology Lab

Contact: Uzi Baram, Professor of Anthropology
941-487-4217 office / 941-487-4590 lab

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Sarasota Bay is the largest body of water between Charlotte Harbor and Tampa Bay and there is a rich history on its shores. Archaeologists can trace more than ten thousand years of history in the region. One of the most important chapters in the modern history of Sarasota Bay is known as the rancho era. The rancho video games, created by the New College Public Archaeology Lab, will give students a chance to imagine the lives of the fishermen, Native Americans, and maroons who lived on Sarasota Bay’s shores in the late 18th to early 19th centuries.

Two videos are available for download for classroom use.

  1. The Rancho Racing game gives geographic information for the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota Bay as a source of fish for Havana, some sailing challenges, and the seasonality of the fishing industry.
  2. Sarasota Bay Rancho! – rather than a competition, the player needs to strategize over crew, salt, and supplies in Havana, travel up to Sarasota Bay, set up a hut, a vegetable field, the fishing equipment, and a drying rack and salting station. There is trade with the Seminoles and maroons and many more decisions to make in this role playing game.

Currently, versions are available for Windows (Apple coming soon) in English or Spanish.

Link to the webpage where you can download the games:

Our Pre-explore Orientation (link at the right) gives a background history of Sarasota Bay, the rancho industry, and an introduction to the video games.


SS.4.1.1, SS.4.1.2, , SS.4.A.3.1 , SS.4.A.3.9 , SS.4.G.1.4, SS.4.A.9.1 , SS.5.A.1.1 , SS.5.A.1.2, SS.5.A.C.2.4 , SS.5.G.2.1

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