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Provider: Sarasota Contemporary Dance


Starting cost per student: $8

Additional Info: $750 for Zoom interactive and $1500 for broadcast which can be shown to the whole school

Max. Capacity: 1500

Transportation Needed?  No

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“Triangle” A or B 

Three in One Dance Experience for Elementary

Triangle A – Jazz, Contemporary, and Afro-Modern.

Triangle B – Creative Dance, Contemporary Ballet, and Hip-Hop.

 Sarasota Contemporary Dance (SCD) is a unique dance company in that its performers and choreographers are also certified teaching artists. SCD recognizes that every student learns differently and that using movement as a vehicle to explore curriculum, encourage self-expression, and activate creativity in a school setting is important for learning and retaining information.

SCD consists of a diverse group of artists and teaching artists with training ranging from social dance forms to western codified forms. In the “Triangle” exploration, students of all ages and abilities will have the opportunity to meet and dance with the dancers of SCD while they perform a short intro called “When I Dance.” The goal of the “Triangle” intro “When I Dance” is to share the basic elements of dance (what we call BEST): Body, Energy, Space, and Time. SCD has found that including the “When I Dance” introduction is an effective way for students to enter into a community together and feel engaged from the start. Afterwards, students will transition into the “Triangle” program where they will experience three 15-minute rotations of dance genres, allowing an opportunity to learn and embody three different styles of movement and dance.

Option 1: Zoom Interactive 1 hour – $750

Option 1 allows for a back-and-forth movement dialogue with students and the teaching artists. Teaching artists are able to be actively engaged, checking-in with students while also observing their learning process and offering feedback and encouragement in the moment. Students will experience three 15-minute rotations, taught by three SCD teaching artists. In these rotations they will get a sense of the movement vocabulary of that dance technique and learn a dance phrase. At the end of the “Triangle” rotations they would have experienced and learned three dance phrases taught by three different teaching artists.

Option 1 will end with a reflection session when the students get to ask the teaching artists and SCD Artistic Director questions about the Dance Triangle and or life experiences. This is a unique exploration available for a large group of students (up to 3 classes at a time depending on the class sizes), yet still provides an intimate experience with each Sarasota Contemporary Dance teaching artist.

This kind of exploration can be designed for students with varying levels of dance experience. The “Triangle” program is SCD’s most requested exploration, as it allows teaching artists to reach a large number of students in one virtual experience while offering a diverse learning experience.


Option 2: Broadcast – $1500

Our Option 2 Broadcast serves as an entire 50-minute (Triangle A) and 47-minute (Triangle B) lesson for a class or multiple classes.

The total number of students involved in Option 2 is endless. Option 2 is a pre-recorded experience that can be done multiple times: with the same class, different classes, or with an entire grade level or school. It can also be broken up into three sessions, as well as serve as an entire lesson for a class or multiple classes. Option 2 allows for flexibility of how to utilize the recorded “Triangle” program to best suit the needs of your classroom, students, and/or school. You can use this recording multiple times throughout a school year.

A highlight of Option 2 is that at the end of this exploration, the reflection portion comes as a special request by SCD’s Artistic Director: after the students learn the Dance Triangle, we ask for them to record themselves doing all three dance phrases and email them to In return, they will receive a personal video by SCD’s Artistic Director and company members sharing their thoughts and experience of watching the students interpret their dance moves.

This kind of exploration can be designed for students with varying levels of dance experience.

Check out our Virtual Triangle Promo Video!


DA.K.C.1.1, DA.K.C.1.2, DA.K.C.2.1, DA.K.C.3.1, DA.K.S.3.1, DA.K.S.3.2, DA.K.S.3.3, DA.K.S.3.4, DA.K.O.3.2, DA.K.H.1.1, DA.1.C.1.2, DA.1.C.3.1, DA.1.S.2.1-3, DA.1.O.1.2, DA.1.O.3.2, DA.1.F.3.1, DA.2.C.1.1, DA.2.C.1.2, DA.2.C.3.1, DA.2.S.2.1, DA.2.S.2.2, DA.2.S.3.4, DA.2.O.1.1-2, DA.2.O.3.2, DA.2.H.1.1, DA.2.F.3.1, DA.3.C.1.2, DA.3.C.2.1, DA.3.C.2.2, DA.3.S.1.2, DA.3.S.2.1, DA.3.S.2.2, DA.3.S.2.3, DA.3.S.3.6, DA.3.O.3.2, DA.3.H.1.1, DA.3.H.2.1

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