In-School Exploration

Provider: Sarasota Contemporary Dance

Contact: Melissa Coleman Sperber

Starting cost per student: $8

Additional Info: $750

Max. Capacity: 50

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?


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“Triangle” Three in One Dance Experience for Elementary 

Sarasota Contemporary Dance (SCD) consists of a diverse group of artists and teachers with training ranging from ballet to break-dance. In this exploration, students of all ages and abilities will have the opportunity to learn 3 dance phrases of varying dance forms (Modern, Hip-Hop, and Salsa) and perform for their fellow classmates.

The total number of students involved in the project will be separated into three groups. Each group will visit each of the three dance stations and learn a different dance phrase from SCD company members. Then each group will perform all three of the dance phrases for the other groups and any invited guests.

The exploration will end with a reflection session when the students and artists will ask and answer questions about their Dance Triangle experience.  This is a unique exploration available for a large group of students (up to 4 or more classes at a time depending on the class sizes) yet still provides an intimate experience with each SCD dancer.

This kind of exploration can be designed for students with varying levels of dance experience. It has become SCD’s most requested and allows the teaching artists to reach a large number of students in one visit while offering a quality learning experience.

To accommodate more students, we can do back to back Triangle workshops (up to 50 students in each workshop)


DA.K.C.1.1, DA.K.C.1.2, DA.K.C.2.1, DA.K.C.3.1, DA.K.S.3.1-4, DA.K.O.3.2, DA.K.H.1.1, DA.1.C.1.2, DA.1.C.3.1, DA.1.S.2.1, DA.1.S.2.2, DA.1.S.2.3, DA.1.O.1.2, DA.1.O.3.2, DA.1.F.3.1, DA.2.C.1.1-2, DA.2.C.3.1, DA.2.S.2.1, DA.2.S.2.2, DA.2.S.3.4, DA.2.O.1.1, DA.2.O.1.2, DA.2.O.3.2, DA.2.H.1.1, DA.2.F.3.1, DA.3.C.1.2, DA.3.C.2.1, DA.3.C.2.2, DA.3.S.1.2, DA.3.S.2.1, DA.3.S.2.2, DA.3.S.2.3, DA.3.S.3.6, DA.3.O.3.2, DA.3.H.1.1, DA.3.H.2.1

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