In-School Performance,  Professional Visit to Class

Provider: Sarasota Contemporary Dance

Contact: Melissa Coleman Sperber

Starting cost per student: $6

Additional Info: $1,200-$2,000 depending on # of performers

Max. Capacity: 200

Transportation Needed?  No

Who Arranges Transportation?

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  No


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The Sarasota Contemporary Dance In School Performance exploration is a 50-minute assembly, choreographed and performed by Sarasota Contemporary Dance (SCD) , featuring a wide array of dance styles through current company repertory. The exploration includes a 35-minute performance, a 5-minute mini dance class/interaction with students, and a 10-minute question and answer session. This exploration can be presented alone or in conjunction with another exploration in order to introduce the students to SCD and to dance, and to jump start their motivation.

Further Information:

Sarasota Contemporary Dance (SCD) is a high caliber local professional contemporary dance company, striving to make dance accessible to the community.  Experience with dance, particularly at a young age, is essential in order to develop an understanding and appreciation for the performing arts, thus insuring the next generation of artists and art supporters.  SCD is proud to be a group of diverse artists and, through this exploration, demonstrates that dance can be for anyone, includes many styles, and comes from different cultures all around the world.  This exploration functions as an introduction to dance for students and combines well with other SCD explorations as a “kick-off” event.

Additionally, dialogue with the company members offers students the opportunity to connect with these professionals and also gives insight to the broad backgrounds of the company dancers.  The fact that many of SCD’s company members started dancing “late” and in non-traditional settings often inspires young audiences.


After the program, students will be given a post dance reflection survey, which causes them to think about and report what they learned from the assembly.  Students will identify styles of dance, basic elements of dance, and other dance vocabulary learned during the performance.  Students will also indicate whether, after seeing the performance, they would be “more likely,” “the same,” or “less likely” to watch another dance performance and/or take a dance class.  Lastly, the students will be asked if this experience has inspired a greater interest in the arts in general.

Serves up to 200 students per Assembly (May do back-to-back programs to serve larger numbers).




MU.68.C.3.1, DA.68.C.1.1

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