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Provider: The Circus Arts Conservatory

Contact: Karen Bell
1941-355-9335 x302

Starting cost per student: $3

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Continue your scientific and magical explorations as Circus Arts Conservatory teaching artists teach how to make this easy to make magic prop, and the science behind it as well as fool your friends with art and logic! This lesson is recorded.

  • Color Changing Stick: Accurately predict the color a person will choose every time, using a specially prepared popsicle stick and a brain trick. Be prepared to use: a popsicle stick, permanent marker or pen, 6 colors of marker, crayons, or colored pencils.

Essential concepts: math, art, and logic.

Extension: Use acting to make your new magic prop come alive. Create a scene, record it or perform it for the rest of your class.* Send us your video and maybe you will see yourself on The Circus Arts Conservatory Facebook page!


MAFS.3.MD.3.5, MAFS.3.NF.1.3, MAFS.4.MD.1.1, MAFS.4.MD.1.2

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