Off-Campus Field Trip

Provider: Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Contact: Tracy Calla, Manager of School and Family Programs
941-366-5731 ext 273

Starting cost per student: $10

Additional Info:

Max. Capacity: 60

Transportation Needed?  Yes

Who Arranges Transportation? School

Is Financial Assistance Offered?  Yes


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The Orchid Show: Endless Forms emphasizes the remarkable range of shapes and sizes of different orchid species. The phrase is drawn from the famous final line of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species,  “from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.”

From Oct. 12 – Nov. 25 the Tropical Conservatory will be filled with spectacular orchids, including rare and unusual specimens from Selby Gardens’ living plant collection. The idea of “forms” will be emphasized by a series of large, dramatic sculptural elements found throughout the conservatory. The use of epiphytic orchids, which do not require soil, allows for the plants to be suspended in unusual ways.

A complementary exhibition in the historic Payne Mansion will showcase preserved rare orchid specimens and botanical prints. Groupings of a print, pressed herbarium specimen and fluid-preserved spirit specimen will demonstrate the various forms of botanical evidence tools used by plant researchers.

Rare botanical books from the Selby Gardens Research Library will also be released from the vault. To demonstrate modern research tools of botanical science, an animated 3-D model of orchids produced in partnership with the Institute for Digital Exploration (IDEx) at the University of South Florida in Tampa will be on display.


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