With Compassion, We create Better Futures.
  • Creating Better Futures by fostering agents of change and by looking at the past and learning from the emerging futures.  
  • Our symbol is the historic Red Cross White Bus rescue action from World War II.  
  • We are inspired by the ordinary heroes who created a life-changing outcome for thousands of humans in need.

We offer a unique learning experience – Looking at the past & Learning from the Emerging Future – which will create agents of change and teach moral responsibility. It will build tolerant attitudes, cooperative and collaborative behaviors, compassion as well as further skills encouraging civility.  The historical context of the Red Cross White Bus rescue action in World War II offers a clear example of courage and moral advocacy in the face of systemic injustice.

Explorations Contact: Richard Ohlsson

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Email: Richard@better-futures.com

Website: http://better-futures.com

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