EdExploreSRQ Interactive Career Exploration Series #12: “So You Want to Explore Careers with a Legendary Boat Builder?!”


         “We’re not just building a boat…We’re Building a Legend!”  ~ (Chris Smith, Founder)


To learn about the amazing Chris-Craft Legacy, click on the link below:




About the EdExploreSRQ Interactive Career Exploration Series: 

  The Education Foundation and EdExploreSRQ partners have created this series to expand EdExploreSRQ by providing career exploration experiential field trips to middle school students whose career interests can be aligned with education programs in high school and beyond. “Providing interactive career exploration activities in high school may be too late. This early engagement is a key to helping students who are transitioning into high school to define their future” (ACT, 2015). After all, as quoted by America’s Promise Alliance, how do we expect young people to dream if they don’t know what they can dream about? Those dreams can include all types of careers, but only if students are aware of their existence. Such awareness not only benefits students but also benefits communities seeking a trained “home-grown” workforce. This initiative is in direct alignment with the Sarasota’s Chamber’s “STATE of JOBS” and “TALENT4TOMORROW & WORKFORCE” pillars!

Explorations Contact: Effa Beauette

Phone: 941-544-5443

Email: beauettee@gmail.com

Website: http://www.chriscraft.com/

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