Deb Lombard has been bringing arts integration and dance programs into Sarasota County Schools for over two decades. One of her greatest joys is instilling the love of dance to students of all ages. And, for 30 years, she’s been doing just that.

Her career began at Syracuse University, where she taught dance and movement for Actors at the College of Visual and Performing Arts. After moving to Florida, Deb worked as a teaching artist and conducted Arts Integration workshops for The Van Wezel, The Sarasota Ballet, The Sarasota County Arts Alliance and others.

Deb spent eight years at Gocio Elementary teaching dance, and helped develop a comprehensive and award-winning arts program: In 2008, Gocio was awarded the National School of Distinction in Arts Education, and was named an Arts Achieve Model School by the Florida Alliance for Arts Education. Deb then went on to create a similar program at Southside Elementary School.

Deb holds a Bachelors of Science in Dance Education from the State University of New York, trained with the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts, is certified in K-12 Dance, Physical Education, Health, Creative Dramatics/Creative Learning (2008) and recently completed a master’s level diploma in Arts Management.


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