Mark Twain has been called the American Shakespeare, the Father of the American Novel, and The Funniest Man Alive. Independent Twain Scholar Alan Kitty becomes Twain in a variety of  curriculum-based programs designed for students of all ages.

For the youngest students, he might weave a story around items, words or ideas they select on the spot. Twain did this with his children regularly to inspire creative thinking.

Middle School students who have begun to read selected works by Twain (not always novels) get to hear a short lecture that Twain himself might have given. It is followed by an opportunity for students to ask Twain any question they like about virtually any topic.

High School students are treated to topical lectures that provide a deeper understanding of  Twain through events that influenced his characters, plots, themes, genre and style.  Again, students are invited to ask questions, which Kitty answers as Twain.

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