Math & Movement uses multi-sensory learning approaches to teach students valuable skills to succeed in their school’s math and reading curricula. Math & Movement recognizes that students learn through different styles which is why our exercises include teaching with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements aligned with most state standards.

The Math & Movement program has two components: 

1. Active Math Movements

Based on the science behind brain gym, these movements encourage cross-body movements when learning to increase retention of subject matter. When both the right and left hemispheres of the brain are engaged, concepts are better remembered. Our movement-based learning activities help lay the foundation for multiplication, division, factoring, and building a strong number sense.

2. Floor Mats

Our colorful floor mats allow students to be active while learning math and literacy concepts. Data shows that students who do movement-based activities throughout the school day are more confident in their math and literacy abilities and perform better on state tests!

Our Program Covers:   

Math Concepts

Literacy Concepts

Addition & Subtraction
Multiplication & Division
Decimals & Percentages
Place Value
Telling Time, Elapsed Time
Geometric shapes
Early Algebra
Alphabet (capital and lowercase)
Sight Words
Word Recognition
Spelling (making words)
Grammar & Punctuation
Sentence Construction



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