The Pritzker Marine Biological Research Center was built in 2001 with funds from Jack and Rhoda Pritzker, a grant from the National Science Foundation, matching state funds, and gifts-in-kind from the Uniroyal Technological Group. The building measures approximately 10,000 square feet, with an additional 10,000 underneath the building used for quarantine, equipment storage, and the seawater system. The two white silos flanking the staircase hold our 20,000 gallon seawater supply. This water is pumped from the bay every few months, filtered, ozonated, and then continuously circulated throughout the building.

Teacher Resources

Materials for teachers include reviewed links. There are some distinctions for grade levels, but teachers should check various levels to get ideas for class activities. Sunshine State guidelines are listed for several of the activities to assist in incorporating them into the curriculum. Teachers should feel welcome to contact us for listing their own materials to make this an interactive resource. Attributions will be given for activities.

We will make some suggestions for potential science fair projects on this site. We will also give an idea of how to care for and observe marine organisms. Keep in mind that you must have various permits to collect organisms and your school may restrict the types of organisms you can use in classrooms.


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