The mission of Sarasota Contemporary Dance (SCD) is to bring contemporary dance to the community through eclectic performance and educational programing while collaborating with artists and community groups to further enrich the human experience.

SCD consists of a diverse group of teaching artists with training ranging from social dance forms to western codified forms. These teaching artists are available for both zoom and virtual performances, master classes, and one-day workshops. These offerings can be designed to best serve the interest and needs of the teacher, school, and students. If SCD is asked to present a dance “performance” we would allocate time to offer a question and answer session with students and company members.

SCD enjoys working with the classroom teacher and administrators to provide various outreach and educational programs to populations of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds through specialized workshops, school residency opportunities, and in-school performances. These offerings can be offered virtually and through zoom, and hopefully in person soon once schools begin to welcome teaching artists on campus.

Explorations Contact: Raychel Ceciro

Phone: 941-260-8485



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